Do you know how much commitment is in a promise? In 2015, after one of the hardest challenges in my life with my daughter's health, I decided to not be afraid and let myself out to the world. My talent, my spirit and my energies got all together to offer a product that brings me satisfaction, happiness and proud every day. It was just time later when my brand, Fanfarria, became a lifestyle that appreciates simplicity.

 If you right now wonder, why Fanfarria? Because the only way to be seen seeing is being loud. Fanfarria is defined in dictionaries as a "short ceremonial tune or flourishes played on brass instruments, typically to introduce something or someone important. It's a spectacular public display. A celebration.

As a brand, we celebrate life, love, health, nature...Every product is a celebration that symbolizes simple things in life or a way to live to make our customers identified themselves with it. 
Each piece of Fanfarria is carefully handcrafted jewelry made in Florida, United States. Our creations are based on ancient braiding techniques such as Kumihimo and Macrame.
Bracelets and anklets can be worn as love couple or friendship couple with the only purpose to get everyone's attention wherever place they go.
Today, we have grown and we keep our commitment convinced that the only way to succeed is showing our customers the wonderful things around the simple adventure, creative and free life as Fanfarria.