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Key West II Dark Brown Braided Leather Bracelet, Simple Bracelet, Couple Bracelets, His and Hers, Minimalist LC001641


SKU: LC001641

Dark Brown Leather matching bracelets

These lovely bracelets are made with genuine braided leather cord. Designed for couples.

The width of the thin bracelet is 3mm and 8mm for the thicker one.

Both bracelets are adjustable.

Includes Gift Box.


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Raymond Adams
His, Hers and the Dogs

The bracelets are very nice, I bought several different ones to share with my wife and have received several compliments. I need to throw this in. If you have a Husky. Make sure you put these away where they can't find them. Mine has eaten every one of the bracelets I've bought. They must not only look good, they must be delicious.

Kenneth Thunberg

Very nice! Thank you